Tree Falls on Brooklyn Heights Frame Houses

Raina Roe, a Wooden House Project tipster from Brooklyn Heights, sends along photos of an elm tree that Hurricane Irene dropped on two early-19th century frame houses at 146 & 148 Hicks Street.

Sadly, the front of the houses are completely obscured by the tree; at this point it’s tough to estimate if the facades were damaged. Here’s a snapshot pulled from Google:

And another from today:

The photo below was snapped a few weeks ago by Wooden House Project contributor Chelcey Berryhill; it seems that No. 146 was undergoing renovation. Chelcey recalls that a plaque on the house says ca. 1826. We know that frame house construction in Brooklyn Heights was outlawed as early as 1852.

If readers have info on the status of the situation or on the houses, send it along!

  • Anonymous

    I stopped by these houses earlier today – the city has cleaned up the debris from the fallen trees. One house suffered a broken window and some scratches to its facade. The other one (currently undergoing renovation) took a hit over the doorway. The iron fence in front was completely crushed.

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