Wooden Houses in Boston


Source: Minneapolis Institute of Arts

For today’s post, we are spreading some of our wooden house appreciation a bit to the northeast to Boston, Massachusetts. Feast your eyes on this wooden beauty! This photograph documents a block of near identical wooden houses –complete with wooden brackets, window shudders and lintels as well as decorative iron railings. This was taken by photographer Walker Evans in 1930 and is featured in the new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art entitled “Walker Evans: American Photographs.” The exhibit debuted on July 19, 2013 and runs through January 26, 2014. A special thank you to James Mahoney of the New York City Historic Properties Fund for bringing this gem to our attention! According to our source, these homes still exist and one even retains its original gingerbread! If anyone is familiar with this block and has a recent photograph, please send to us so we can post and share with our adoring wooden house community.

- Lisa Santoro

  • Amanda

    What a beautiful street! And I didn’t realize there was a Walker Evans exhibit at MoMA so thanks for the heads up. I’m a sucker for historic photo exhibits!