An array of mallets, chisels, points and more. 

Wooden House Project readers may be wondering, “why a feature on a stonemason when our interest is wood-frame houses?” Well, readers, I present two vital reasons (as well as one bonus reason).

A hint: Look up, look down. The answer after the jump.


by Sara Durkacs

Just three blocks south of the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, one finds another odd homage to heroes from the comic book pages: stained glass interpretations of Captain America and Spider-Man on sale at the Stained Glass Store. Opaque shades of red, white, and blue expertly pieced together within veins of lead create a usually archaic or divine object for a new generation. These Saintly Superheroes are for sale!

Or, if you prefer, commission Peter Romano, proprietor of the Stained Glass Store, to create your own object of devotion.

A transom above the exterior door featuring your house number, perhaps?


Photo courtesy Pratt Center for Community Development

Meet the Makers is a new column authored by the lovely Sara Durkacs and focusing on the artists and craftsmen that help make our houses great. To suggest a maker for Sara to visit, please get in touch!

It all starts with a brainstorm of doodles. And then it continues with a series of evolving, feathery pencil lines, the hint of a future bas or high relief wood carving by Deborah Mills, proprietor of the eponymous studio located in Long Island City. “The design process is a huge part of what I do before carving,” explains Mills, “before the wood disappears forever.” Tucked inside the contemporary sunny studio, Mills employs similar carving techniques as used by the ancient Egyptians more than a millennia ago.

Mills’s one-of-a-kind carvings bring the charm of a wooden house’s exterior inside and help to amplify its owner’s unique personality.

The possibilities are as endless as her doodles!