An array of mallets, chisels, points and more. 

Wooden House Project readers may be wondering, “why a feature on a stonemason when our interest is wood-frame houses?” Well, readers, I present two vital reasons (as well as one bonus reason).

A hint: Look up, look down. The answer after the jump.


Clinton Hill! We love it. Mansions. Villas. Carriages houses. Wooden houses galore. Recently we climbed a steep stoop to spend a rainy Saturday morning inside one of the most interesting of the bunch: 223 Washington Avenue, near the corner of Willoughby. Lately we can’t seem to stop comparing these shingled houses to sweets. Built ca. 1850 and originally occupied by a flour merchant named Billings Wheeler (which we think is a fantastic name), the house is just an all-around delight, inside and out!

And now, a peek inside!