Formstone, Permastone, Wooden House Project, Brooklyn

A meticulously restored Wooden House next to a diamond in the rough (321 15th Street)

by Arthur T. Rollin

Hello Wooden House Project fans! For some time now I have consumed the bountiful images of our borough’s wood-framed beauties on this site. Like you, I’ve gazed longingly at the detailed and colorful results of many a dedicated homeowner’s labors as they restore and preserve our unique built environment.

I’m Arthur Rollin, an architectural preservationist, history nerd and New Yorker with roots that run deep into Brooklyn’s past. I have recently been welcomed into the Wooden House Project team as a contributor of articles on conservation tips and techniques, and I hope my architectural experience and insatiable curiosity proves beneficial to the site’s readership.

Whether you have questions about restoring a wooden house of your own, or simply are interested in looking at this city with a different perspective, I’ll be here to help. Please do chime in or share photos of your own restoration project or something curious you see while walking down the street. I’ll always be looking for new topics and hope to tailor posts to be as useful as possible.

So, if you’ll oblige me, I’ll jump into my first topic…


by Sara Durkacs

Just three blocks south of the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, one finds another odd homage to heroes from the comic book pages: stained glass interpretations of Captain America and Spider-Man on sale at the Stained Glass Store. Opaque shades of red, white, and blue expertly pieced together within veins of lead create a usually archaic or divine object for a new generation. These Saintly Superheroes are for sale!

Or, if you prefer, commission Peter Romano, proprietor of the Stained Glass Store, to create your own object of devotion.

A transom above the exterior door featuring your house number, perhaps?